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Today we are going to talk about how Subira Saint Bernards blog came about. We love Saint Bernards and all dogs. Back in the 1940’s a well known Saint Bernard breeder by the name of Lillian and William E. Buell Sr. started breeding Saint Bernards and bred championship St. Bernards for 50 plus years.

Williams breeding tradition was continued by his son Bill Buell Jr. and Sandy Buell along with their children Billy Buell, Shelly Rodrigo Blanchard & Megan Strickland.

When it came to St. Bernards, Bill was one of the most sought after breeder and handler ever. He finished well over 500 championships within his lifetime. His main focus was breeding, training and professional dog handling.

He also had extensive knowledge and experience with having dogs in commercials and films. He was the proud breeder of Subira’s Kris Kringle the St. Bernard that was the star in Beethoven and Beethoven’s Second. Also in Beethoven’s Second was Subira’s Sabrina (Missy).

Here are some stats for some of the St. Bernards he was responsible for:

One of his famous St. Bernards was “Charles” He was honored with receiving first place St. Bernard in 1990, 1991,1992 and 1993. He also went on to claim the best of Breed at Westminster K.C. in 1992 & 1993. In 1993 he got Group 4 at Westminster K.C. He was also honored to get Top Breed winner of all time: 317 for Best of Breeds – that was shown 327 times. In 1993 Charles received Stud Dog – Hall of Fame. When it comes to Hall of Fame Charles received 5 All Breed BIS and 12 Spec. BIS – Hall of Fame. Charles was no stranger to the Hall of Fame; as he went on to get over 200 group placings and Stud Dog – Hall of Fame. Charles also Sired 2 No. 1 St. Bernards. He also got 21 Best Jr. Handler wins with owners Howard and Janice Dees. William Buell was the main handler for Charles.

Another great St. Bernard was Subira’s Advantage of Amberdee “Casper”. Casper Got No.1 St Bernard in 1994 and in 1995. He went on to get Best of Breed Westminster K.C. in 1995. Casper’s owners were Howard and Janice Dees along with Sandy Buell. William Buell was also Casper’s handler.

Another St. Bernard that was owned by Howard and Janice Dees along with Sandy Buell was Greenie. Greenie went on to win Best Smooth Dog at the World Dog Show.

Because of our love for St. Bernards we wanted to name this blog in honor of the wonderful William Buell Sr. for all the work he did with St. Bernards and the notoriety that was given to St. Bernards because of him.

This is the first real post and I hope it has explained why this blog was started.

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