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Championship Titles

Different Performance Championship Titles Your Dog Can Earn For dogs to have a championship or Ch designation that is added as a prefix to their name, they must qualify for a championship. In the past, titles are earned from conformation shows, where dogs are judged based on their breed, and how they conform to established […]

Why Our Blog Name Subira Saint Bernards

Today we are going to talk about how Subira Saint Bernards blog came about. We love Saint Bernards and all dogs. Back in the 1940’s a well known Saint Bernard breeder by the name of Lillian and William E. Buell Sr. started breeding Saint Bernards and bred championship St. Bernards for 50 plus years. Williams […]

Welcome to our dog blog

Welcome to the our new blog called Subira Saint Bernards. Just wanted to say a quick “hello.” That’s it for now but come back tomorrow and see what I have to write about.