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How to Train St. Bernard Dogs for Championships

Training your dogs should begin at a young age, which is a crucial stage for puppies to learn as many tricks as possible. We like to train young in our home. We don’t like having to get regular carpet cleaning when mistakes happen. So, if you own a St. Bernard, it is best to know […]

Taking Good Care of St. Bernard Dogs with the Right Amount of Exercise

Just as humans need proper care, it is also important to know the basic care needed to keep your St. Bernard dog in the pink of health. Here are some of the things that you should know about if you want to take care of a St. Bernard pup. Be Mindful of Obesity Problems As […]

Proper Diet Plan for St. Bernard Dogs that You Can Easily Follow

Having a St. Bernard pup can be a very fun experience, but it will require some special attention from you. Take note that puppies are small, so you keep them safe and secure as they grow. Part of the care that you are going to do is to provide them with healthy diet. However, food […]

Historical Significance of the St Bernard Rescue Dogs

Canines in the 18th century were already living among monks to help them during rescue missions after some bad snowstorms. Basically, these dog breeds were popular for saving lives. Their name came to be as these monks lived in the snowy and dangerous St. Bernard Pass. This is where the route that goes between Switzerland […]

Origin and History of The St. Bernard

It is a known fact that St. Bernard rescue dogs are huge working canines that come from the western Alps. Countries covered by these Alps include France, Italy, and Switzerland. They were originally bred for rescue purposes at the Great and Little St. Bernard Pass. Tales surrounding the rescues in the Alps have made this […]