How to Train St. Bernard Dogs for Championships

Training your dogs should begin at a young age, which is a crucial stage for puppies to learn as many tricks as possible. We like to train young in our home. We don’t like having to get regular carpet cleaning when mistakes happen. So, if you own a St. Bernard, it is best to know the basics in order to achieve the best result.

The common mistakes that dog owners think are that it doesn’t matter how these routines were taught. On the contrary, it does matter. This is because if you teach them the right teaching method, your puppies will behave better and will be happy to allow you to decide the things that they are allowed to do or not.

Having used a wrong method will enable your puppy to begin making decisions regarding how he wants you to conform to his life. If you do this, you can expect conflict and behavior problems.

Start Training Early

If you want your St. Bernard to become the star of the show, you should invest in training at an early age. Sessions need to be short at the start, but you can lengthen the sessions when it gets older. Just make sure that the sessions need to be fun so that the puppy will not get bored.

Teaching to Stand Still and Squarely

Teach your St. Bernard to stand still and squarely or to stack. Some handlers would like to follow the free bait technique. This is done by standing in front of the dog while holding the bait, so your dog can see it. Make sure that you entice the pup with the bait and don’t forget to offer some praise when he gets to look at the bait while standing still.

Make It a Fun Experience for Him

Your dog deserves a positive response from you. Try not to scold your St. Bernard so that it will be a fun experience for you both. Thus, you need to begin at the front. Make sure that the legs are straight under the shoulder blades. You need to move to the rear, as the rear legs must be vertically aligned from the hock down. The feet should also be faced forward.

Ensure that you follow the right type of training to teach your dog effectively. Likewise, you need to use proper equipment to make it a bit easier for him. This will include using the correct choke collar for your puppy.

Entering a Show

You need to ensure that your St. Bernard is well groomed and trained before entering a big show, regardless if it is an all-breed or specialty show. Remember that judges should only have 2 minutes to check out each dog. So, it is not the right time to lead-train your St. Bernard. Make sure that you have prepared your dog for the show because there should be a huge crowd watching. Thus, strangers and noise are commonplace for this event. There are also a set of rules and regulations during these events, so make sure that you have been well informed regarding the mechanics before deciding to let your St. Bernard participate.

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